Log Cabin Scotland

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"Highlight of the weekend was most definitely sitting in the wood fired hot tub while the snow fell around us." - Claire, March 2018

Using the Hot Tub


If you have not used the pre light service your complimentary logs are stored in the large box either on or under the decking
All of our cabins have outside lighting to illuminate the hot tub area.
While the tub is heating use the large paddle to stir the water so that the water temperature is consistent and you don't have hot water at the top and cold water at the bottom.
With a wood burning stove it can be hard to control the temperature and the water can get very hot.  Use the hose and tap to add cold water if required to reduce the water temperature.
As with all wet surfaces they can be slippy so please take care entering and leaving the hot tub.
 If you do get leaves into the tub there is a net provided for cleaning.


If you require more wood during your stay please call Jane on 07731 376650  and she will organise the delivery of extra wood. We use composite logs and are sold at £6.00 per pack.  It takes a minimum of two packs to fully heat up a hot tub and you will need one pack per day to reheat it during your stay.

Please ensure that the hot tub lid is secure and we will arrange to have the tub emptied and cleaned. We hope you enjoyed your stay and the use of the hot tub.

Our hot tubs are ALWAYS emptied, chlorinated and cleaned in between guests staying.  Sometimes the water in the tub will look cloudy.  This is natural in a wooden hot tub and is the result of resins in the wood.