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1. Place three fire lighters at the bottom of the wood burning stove nearest to the chimney.  If you put them further away from the chimney it will not work as well.
2. Place kindling on top of your fire lighters.
3. Use long matches and light the fire lighters.
4. Once the kindling is burning place some logs on top of the kindling. Ensure that the logs are placed leaving lots of air gaps. Our advice is to stack the logs “Jenga” style with them being stacked in alternate directions per layer which is the best way to ensure lots of air gets to the burning wood.
5. Place the cover back on the stove leaving the narrow slot to the right uncovered.
6. Once the initial few logs have caught fire and burning well then add more logs to the stove filling it to just over 1/3 full. You want the fire to be burning fiercely as you are looking to heat up 1,000ltrs of water to approximately 38 degrees Celsius.
7. Once you have a good fire alight, then make sure you keep it really hot by adding logs before the fire starts to die down. Do not fill the fire box more than 1/3 full.
8. Ensure the cover is placed back on the stove with the right hand slot uncovered.
9. If you can’t get the fire hot enough leave the lid half open.
10. If you want the logs to burn more slowly us the cover to cover up more of the right hand slot.
11. Keep an eye on the logs and add more as they burn down. It will take about 2 - 3 packets of logs and about 3 - 4 hours for the tub to get to temperature (38 degrees Celsius) depending on the air temperature (the colder the water to start with the longer it takes to heat up to full temperature).
12. Once the water gets to temperature cover the right hand slot of the burner and the wood will burn much slower
13. When you have finished using the hot tub for the evening use the lid to recover it. This will ensure that the water is kept warm which will make it easier to reheat the following day and stop leaves from getting in the hot tub.
14. When reheating the tub the next day as long as you have left the lid on overnight it will only take about an hour to reheat. your paragraph here.

Lighting your wood fired Hot Tub

"The hot tub was great to sit out in, listen to the birds and drink wine." - Sarah, March 2018